Services to Companies

First, Abednego Consultants Limited will review the business plan and meet the management team of the company. Where we believe we can find the right investor among our 500 or so contacts on our Investor Register, we will advise on the business plan and the deal structure.

Secondly, when we have an investment proposal that is sensible for our client and sufficiently attractive to investors, we will market the business. We market our client through direct personal contact with investors based on our close knowledge of their needs.

Finally, we manage the project to completion. This includes the investor negotiations, and advice on the legal formalities - indeed everything that needs to be done to ensure a satisfactory conclusion - that is where our extensive experience in venture capital comes into its own.

Services to Investors

Each month we send our investors a brief synopsis of the more interesting proposals. We arrange for our investors to meet directly with our clients in a relaxed atmosphere.

We take time through personal contact to understand your own investment needs, so that, as soon as we see a business that we think would be particularly relevant to you, we can let you know immediately.

Whilst we provide the important first filter of investment proposals, we do not however undertake any responsibility to exercise due diligence for you or your agents. Investors must do this, and seek external advice where that is needed